Research in the Tonks Group is focused on designing new and practical organometallic catalytic transformations for the atom-economical synthesis of complex chemicals from simple feedstocks. We currently have three major research interests:

1.) Using early transition metal catalysts for new redox reactions, and understanding how to access early transition metal redox manifolds. 

2.) Investigating cooperative effects in olefin polymerization toward new reactions such as CO2/ethylene copolymerization. 

3.) Exploring fundamental inorganic syntheses involving multimetallic and other potentially redox noninnocent regimes.

Our work involves a significant amount of organic, organometallic and inorganic synthesis, as well as detailed mechanistic studies. We regularly collaborate with theorists, organic chemists, and polymer chemists, with an eye toward translating our chemistry into practical, useful protocols.

Early TM Redox Catalysis

Polymerization Catalysis

Redox Noninnocence